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Every night is full of muted white
A faint reflection, a faded sunrise
Dew coated sill, pale blue sky
Warmer weather keeps the sleds all dry
Muffled laughter and joyful screams
They're all gone by the time dawn breaks the seamsLocked inside, bound and tied
Someday I will go down Hospital HillEvery day is full of radiant black
A blazing shadow, a burning twilight
You write your name in the frost covered window
Bright sunny glare covers pure white snow
Ablaze when darkness fell
Fiery when all's not well
Can you see just over the hill
Melted snow, can't keep still
I found a way to keep myself together
Never sleep in the month of December
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State Shirt is Ethan Tufts, a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who writes and records all of his music in a tiny bedroom studio, filled with a myriad of worn instruments and cheap electronics.

He's known for his hand-crafted, diverse, and often unpredictable indietronic style, integrating live looping in both his recordings and live performances. All of his songs are free to download and are open source, providing raw materials for hundreds of remix artists to create new works based on his source tracks.

The SongFight! website inspired him to begin recording as State Shirt in 2001. Since then, he has released one EP and five albums: New Planet in 2002, Don't Die in 2004, This is Old in 2008, Let's Get Bloody in 2011, Life is Easy in January 2015, and Lost Hills in August 2015.

All of State Shirt's music is available for free on his website. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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