It's You - Sezairi

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Here we are
Another moonlight
I'm the one without a dry eye
Cause you look amazingI'm sorry for whatever I've caused
Before today I knew I felt lost
But now you're my ladySo take my hand now
See me
Cause you've made me into this man
I promise I'll treasure you girl
You're all that I've needed
Completing my world
you're my love, my life, my beginning
And I'm just so stumped I got
Girl, you are the piece I've been missing
Remembering howAll the times, I've been alone
Show me the way
Led me here, led me home
Right through the door
Straight to..
you're my love, my life, my beginning
It's You
Someone needs to come and pinch me now
I just can't believe what I have found
Standing here by me
Giving me the greatest gift you can
Saying 'yes' and now our life begins
Choosing you dailyI will never give up on you girl
treat you right every night
make my move, just for you
wanna do, do this right
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