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Ever since I saw you, I saw you last night
You been on my mind, on my mind
You were looking good, looking fine, looking better
Without me, so I took a shot of that Liquor yeahI can't explain it
I try to fake it
Act Like I'm cool
Coz It's been a while.My heart is racing
then turns to breaking
Oh I'm so blue
I'm still not over...
I'm still not over...
I'm still not over you.
Oh my mistake, my mistake, baby.
Should never have let you go.
I don't know what I was thinking.
Never done no wrongs, done me goodDone me right.
Now I'm the one, who needs time, to cry
I can't explain it
I try to fake itAct Like I'm cool
Coz It's been a while.
My heart is racing
then turns to breaking
Oh I'm so blue
I'm still not over...
I'm still not over you.
No, I'm not over, no no
No, I'm not over youNo, I'm not over...
I'm still not over you. x2Oh babe I miss ya
Oh I wantcha back x2
I can't explain it
I try to fake it
Act Like I'm cool
Coz It's been a while
my Heart is racing
Then turns to Breaking
Oh I'm so blue
I'm still not over you.
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Nikmati liriknya !!! -
Dorota Rabczewska, nicknamed Doda or Doda Elektroda, (born February 15, 1984, in Ciechanów, Poland) is a Polish singer with one of the largest number of awards in Poland.

Doda took singing lessons at the famous polish singing coach Elisabeth Zapendowska. Her body is the result of her father Pawel Rabczewski being an Olympics participant (1980) in weightlifting.
She is a straightforward person. Her stylish clothing combined with the looks of a Supermodel and honesty are her trademarks. She is in the focus of the media's attention, by saying "I'm your superstar".
Such an attitude can be seen in a good and a bad way: Either you hate her for this directness or you love her even more.
In fact nobody is more in the center of the polish media's attention, than Doda. Daily news are on printed press, TV and Internet.

Although Doda releases her first album as singer of Virgin in 2002, the real Dodamania does not start until 2005. After the release of the albums "Virgin" and "Bimbo" she was more popular for taking part in the reality TV show "Bar", than for her music. The real career breakthrough took place in 2005 with the song "Znak Pokoju" during Sopot festival. This song gets the audience award named "Amber Nightingale". The song becomes Poland's greatest hit 2005, leading all charts, the follow up single "Dwie Bajki" scores number one, too.
Unfortunately Doda has to undergo a surgery of her spine. The result of this incisive experience is the song "Szansa". It immediately goes on number one and wins Opole festival. In this song's video Doda is kissing another woman, leading to newspaper speculating about Dodas possible bisexuality.
After 2006 the bands most successful year, by winning Sopot and Opole festival, next year is starting with a shock: after the New Year's concert, Thomek the composer and guitar player of the band announces the end of Virgin on the bands official website. Doda disagrees. She argues, even with Thomek being the founder and leader of the band, he has no right to proclaim the end of virgin, because it was her bringing the success.
After a discussion without any result, Doda proclaims herself the new bandleader. However she decides to release her next album "Diamond Bitch" under her own name. On this shock the next is following: in spring Doda announces to get divorced from her husband Radek, a famous polish goalkeeper, accusing him to have cheated on her. The divorce takes place in 2008.
On June 6th, a 7 million audience is listening to the premiere of the new single "Katharsis" on radio RMF FM. Two days later, the live premiere is following while opening the Top Trendy festival.
The next day, the song enters the charts as number 2, despite of any video. The album "Diamond Bitch" is released on 27th July and immediately scores number one in the Polish long player charts. There it stays for several weeks. In September Doda is taking part as singer and commentator on Sopot festival, where she introduces her second single "To jest to".

Doda is in the jury of the popular TV show 'Stars dancing on the ice' in all three series. This involves few scandals because of Doda saying whatever she wants to, wearing sexy clothes and fighting with the singer Justyna Steczkowska. In the first popular Viva Comet show in Poland Doda receives three awards, just to get four of them next year, which is the record in all countries where Viva Comets takes place. She also receives MTV Awards for the Best Polish Act in 2007.

Summer 2008 is the time of Doda. She releases the reedition of her solo album (which goes imidiately to the 5th place in Polish album chart) and her new hit singel Nie Daj Sie. Doda is singing this song during three of four most important festivals in Poland: in Opole she receives Superjedynka for the best female artist and an award from photographers, during TOPtrendy she playes Katharsis on the piano and then she takes part in Sopot Hit Festival in the polish category. Doda beats 14 other popular artists and Nie Daj Sie wins the title of the Hit of Summer 2008. The fame of Doda can be seen in other countries. CNN shows Doda as one of ten most famous Polish people in the whole history (next to Chopin, Kopernik or Walesa). Doda also receives two Golden Bills for the video to Nie Daj Sie and the best artist. Doda also has a cameo appearance in Serce na dloni, the movie made by one of the greatest polish directors Krzysztof Zanussi.

Year 2009 starts great for Doda. She's not only the person about whom medias write the most often. She also becames the face of Koral (ice-cream) and Big Star (the biggest clothes brand in Poland). Doda releases her fourth singel from Diamond Bitch - Rany (Wounds). The video soon becomes the most popular in Poland.
It seems there are far more attractions waiting for us. But how on earth could someone be bored with Doda.

With Virgin:
* 2002: Virgin Sales: 25,000
* 2004: Bimbo Sales: 54,150 Gold
* 2005: Ficca Sales: 107,500+ (29 April 2007) 2 x Platinum

Solo album:
* 2007: Diamond Bitch Sales: 300,000 + 3x Platinum
* 2008: Diamond Bitch (Reloaded) Sales: 170,000 + 2x Platinum
* 2012: The Seven Temptations (Wait for issue)
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