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(I Put A Hurting On This Game Pay Attention To Me)Pay Attention To Me
I'm Rollin' Grind Steady Lookin' To The Sky
Pay Attention To Me
Why Oh Why Must I Have To Live This Life
A Little Profame I'm Aranged In This Game Whos To Blame Explosives Hanging From My Crane I'll Tell You If I Was A Crane I'd Let The Explosives Go Uh To Hit The Earth Not My Terf I Got Plans To Be Something Larger Then Life
Spiting Lyrics Like Tha Speed Of A Bullet Or Get Branded With A Knife Get Stranded With A Wife
2pac Careing 2 Blocks For A Red Shot I'm Neating I'm Greeting So Cowerds Can Follow Me I'm Rappin' I'm Happin' Doing It Happily The One Thing I Remember Is Doing My Abc's Now Look At Me I So So Rep For Tha Streets Of The West Take This Cause This Anit My Best I've Got Years To Come So Stomp Your BestA Migrain Anit No Way This World Can See The Way I Can Make
Hypicrital Riyms To Make Up For Lost Time 2 Pac From A New Error
Thc I Bring Terror
Try To Tell Yall Cats That I'm Whole Collect Car Dust On Your Soul So I'm On Top And Still Cant Take This Pain...
Wounder Why They Say I'm So Rich
Maybe Its Cause I'm So Sick
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Orlando Frankie Brown (born December 4, 1987 in Los Angeles County, California) is an American actor, comedian, singer, and rapper who has supporting roles in several Disney Channel television shows, notably That's So Raven in which he portrays Eddie Thomas, the best friend of a future-seeing teenager and in The Proud Family in which he portrays a kid named Sticky Webb. He also portrays the main character, Cornelius Fillmore, in Fillmore! When Orlando Brown was little he played 3J in the TV Show Family Matters.

Brown also sang and appeared in the Disney Channel Circle of Stars "Circle of Life" and "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" songs and music videos. Orlando also had a co-starring role in the Disney Channel Original Movie "Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off" where he played Frankie, a friend of the main character. He also had a guest role on the Disney Channel Original Series Phil of the Future as Andy Baxley, a trouble making time traveler whom Phil despised.

Orlando would be reprising his role as Raven Baxter's male best friend, Eddie Thomas in That's So Raven: The Movie, and a rumored Raven Too! series where the trio, Raven, Eddie and Chelsea goes to college.
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