Very Best Friend (feat. Eva) - How to Dress Well

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I want youI need you, I need you, I need you
Get rid of ... anything else, babe
I need you, I need
And times change and you hear me cry, babe
But I still trust you, I trust you
In your eyes baby, I see the right way
I see the right way
I know I can be extra sentimental
... Stumble sometimes it's just right
I can say it's smarter but I want it gentle
Just save the rest for tonight
Cause you're my baby I want you to have it all
Want you to have my baby, just don't be apart?
Our difference wouldn't matter at the end
Just know that you will always be my very best friend
I love you, I love you from the moment that i first saw you
I often wonder... I know you want to
A truth like that, that opens up, kind of begets others truths, and when you discover truths like that how you think about truths within better concealed, does sort of make you alter the way that you look within, and that opens up.
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How to Dress Well is the stage name of ethereal R&B songwriter and producer Tom Krell. Krell’s burgeoning career began in 2009 when, having just moved from Brooklyn to Berlin, his songs began to emerge online via a hugely prolific string of free, digital EPs posted in anonymity on his blog. Combining a gorgeous falsetto with fractured R&B-influenced beats, an instinctive ear for subtly devastating melody and elements of noise, sound collage and avant-garde composition, Love Remains offered a beautiful window into a startlingly fully realized artistic imagination.

Praised for both its conceptual strength and immediate emotional resonance, Love Remains duly garnered vast critical acclaim and highlights such as “Ready for the World” and “Decisions” saw Krell accredited with having given birth to a new, narcotized strain of R&B that has since spawned a host of imitators.

Since Love Remains, Krell has toured the world, recorded an EP with an orchestra (the Just Once EP, with proceeds going to raise awareness about mental illness) and, always prolific, written and recorded a lot of new music - all whilst continuing work on a philosophy doctorate. September 4th 2012 will see him share this new body of work with the world with the release of Total Loss, his new album. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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How to Dress Well

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