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See, I'm leaving
This warehouse frightens me
Has me tied up in knots
Can't rest for a moment
Soon I'm going
I'm slippin' slow away
Hoping to find something better than
I've got inside of here
And the warehouse slips awayHey, reckless mind
Don't throw away your playful beginnings
You and I will fumble around
In the touches and be sure to
Leave all the lights on
So we can see the black cat changing colors
And we can walk under ladders
And swim as the tide turns you around and around
Hey, we have found
Becoming one in a million
Slip into the crowd
This question I found in a gap in the sidewalk
Keep all your sights on, hey
The black cat changing colors
And you can walk under ladders
And swim as the tide turns you 'roundLife goes on, end of tunnel, T.V. set
Spot in the middle
Static fade, statistical bit
Soon, I'll fade away, I'll fade away
But this I admit
Tastes so good, hard to believe an end to it
Smell, touch, feel
How could this rhythm ever quit?
Bags packed on a plane
Hopefully to Heaven, yeah
Shut up, I'm thinking
I had a clue, now, it's gone forever
Sitting over these bones
You can read in whatever you're needing to
Keep all your sights on
Yeah, man, the black cat
Changing colors
When it's not the colors that matter
But that they'll all fade away, yeahLife goes on, end of tunnel, T.V. set
Spot in the middle
Static fade, statistical bit
Soon I'll fade away, I'll fade away
This I admit
Seems so good
Hard to believe an end to it
Warehouse is bare
Nothing at all inside of it
The walls and halls have disappeared, they've disappeared, yeahMy love, I love to stay here
My love, I love to stay here
In a corner was wondering
If a change could be better than this
And then I worry
Maybe things won't be better than they have been
Here in the warehouse
At the warehouse
How I love to stay here
At the warehouse
Every man and woman get aliveThat's our blood down there
Seems poured from the hands of angels
But trickle into the ground
Leaves the warehouse bare and empty
And my heart's numbered beat
Still echo in this empty room
And fear wells in me
But nothing seems enough to defend
So I am going away, I am going away
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Dave Matthews Band was formed in Charlottesville, VA in 1991 by South African native singer and guitarist Dave Matthews, bassist Stefan Lessard, the late LeRoi Moore, who played a wide variety of instruments from the saxophone to the flute, violin player Boyd Tinsley, drummer Carter Beauford, and keyboardist Peter Griesar (who left the band in 1993), all of whom Dave met in Charlottesville. In 1998, the band played shows with keyboardist Butch Taylor, although he was not officially a member of the band. Taylor played with the band for the stadium runs of the 1999 and 2000 summer tours. From May 18th, 2001 on, Taylor was a permanent fixture on stage, and in 2003 was no longer listed as "special guest". Even though he was never officially part of the lineup, the band recently announced that Butch was leaving the band via their website, and the 2008 summer tour had some of the first shows without Taylor in years. Rashawn Ross has performed at every normal show from 12.13.05 until the present, leading some to believe that he has joined the band, at least semi-permanently. It is also confirmed that Ross was in the studio with the band during the recent sessions. As of early 2009, Ross, long time collaborator Tim Reynolds, and new saxophonist Jeff Coffin are listed as "Touring Members".

Early 1990s

In the early 1990s, the band established a cult following through relentless touring with weekly stops at Virginia clubs known as Trax and Floodzone, an active taping community, and an independent LP, Remember Two Things. (Keyboardist Griesar left the band in 1993, shortly before the release of "Remember Two Things".) After signing to RCA Records, Dave Matthews Band, under the direction of producer Steve Lillywhite, released Under the Table and Dreaming in 1994, a critical and popular smash that firmly established the band's style of pop-rock with improvisational leanings. Under the Table and Dreaming would be the first of three albums released under Lillywhite's direction. This was followed by Crash (1996). For most of America, Crash was the record that put the Dave Matthews Band on the map. Featuring the hit single "Crash Into Me", as well as fan-favorites such as "Two Step", "Tripping Billies", and the Grammy-winning "So Much to Say", Crash would go on to be the band's best selling album.
The Mercy Songfacts reports that Lillywhite lent his skills to their 2012 album Away From The World. Lillywhite hadn't worked with the band since a series of unreleased recordings in 2000, which led to the leaked Lillywhite Sessions.


David John Matthews was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1967. Two years later, his family moved to Westchester County, NY. His father was a physicist and worked for IBM at the time. He has two sisters (Anne and Jane) and a brother (Peter). After living in New York, his family moved to Cambridge, England in the early '70s. The family returned to New York where his father died in 1977. In 1980, the family moved to South Africa where the young Matthews went to several schools and "got more wise about the evils of government, there and in general." He first played at a club in Charlottesville (Miller's) where he worked as a bartender. He admitted to Playboy magazine that he was really never that good at bartending, but loved getting customers...well..."drunk as hell!" He was first discovered in a demo tape that he recorded with a couple of current band members. This all came about when he decided to put together a demo tape and decided that he needed some musical accompaniment; which ended up as the Dave Matthews Band. In 1994, his sister Anne died in a domestic tragedy at her home in South Africa. The Grammy nominated album "Under The Table and Dreaming" is dedicated to her.


Dave Matthews Band is highly involved in giving a helping hand. In 2003, the Band held a concert entitled, "The Central Park Concert" which was held in New York City's Central Park. The concert helped New York City Public Schools, the band is a big supporter of education.

The band also held a concert that helped victims of Katrina.

Sadly, Leroi Moore passed away in 2008. After being seriously injured in an ATV accident in Virginia, Moore succumbed to his injuries on August 19, 2008. He was replaced by Jeff Coffin, famous for his work with Béla Fleck and the Flecktones.
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